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Thursday, January 30, 2014

adorable product shoot

I just completed a fun product shoot. One of my friends is a vendor at this gorgeous shop, Sweet Gatherings in Roosevelt, Utah. She is introducing a vintage children's clothing line to the shop, and asked me to do a promotional shoot of some of the clothes. I was able to do two shoots--one of just the clothes and another using an adorable model. I loved using some of my vintage props to highlight the clothes. I loved shooting these very vintage clothes on a cute little girl!

Here is our model shoot. We shot it at my niece's townhouse. Her bedroom had great light and a simple backdrop that was just the right setting to highlight the clothes on my great niece...

Here is the clothing...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

holiday buffet

We have a hutch & buffet combination in our  front hallway. To keep my holiday decorating simple, I try to confine our decor to this area. I also try to incorporate some of my vintage finds into this seasonal decor.  This was one of my first holiday "sets". I created the burlap spooky banner and added a variety of Halloween elements.

I used one of my vintage scales, some of my old books, old frames, and old bottles to add to the design.

 Orange touches add a spot of color.

I am not fond of glitter (it's gets all over EVERYTHING),
but I could not resist this glittery skull from Dollar Tree! 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

charming family shoot

This is my third year shooting this family and I always enjoy each session!
We had great weather (cloudy--so no harsh shadows) and there were still some colorful fall foliage!

Monday, January 20, 2014

fall bride & groom session

For this lovely fall temple wedding, we shot the bride & groom photos on the temple grounds several days before the wedding. 
I love this option for a temple wedding for a variety of reasons. One, the bride & groom are more relaxed (not tired or hungry) and the session is not rushed. Two, several of their favorite shots from the session can be edited and printed for the wedding reception or slideshow. Three, shooting on a non-weekend day means that the temple grounds are less crowded. While not all brides & grooms want to do this or are able to do this, it is a fun opportunity.

Bride & groom first look...

For some of the detail shots and for some of the portraits, the bride collected her favorite wedding photo ideas for us to recreate and added it to her wedding photo shot list. We created wedding flash cards (with pictures) to use as a reference during the shoot. This helped us work through each shot and gave the bride & groom a picture to look at when posing.

A few of the details...

We were so lucky to be able to get so many photos of this lovely bride & groom before the rain started! The weather forecast predicted a low percentage of rain and yet it rained every day the week before the wedding! Each day we had a photo shoot scheduled (bridals, bride & groom) it rained!

The bride & groom holding pictures of their parents' wedding photos.

This bride scheduled a bridal shoot to complement her wedding package.

 We take individual photos of both the bride & the groom at their wedding venue.

On the day we took the bride & groom portraits at the temple, we also took some casual couple photos.

For this wedding, I was scheduled to play two roles--
one, as one of two photographers and
two, as an event designer (providing wedding decor).
While, I did get to photograph the bride & groom and provide decor, I did not get to shoot the actual wedding/reception or help decorate the reception due to a death in my family. I was so sad to miss this bride & groom's happy day, but was glad that I got to shoot their additional sessions and provide help with the reception design. The wedding & reception were shot by my very talented photography partner & sister-in-law.